Toothpaste Dispenser

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Product Description

Toothpaste dispenser with Toothbrush holder is for your convenience, hygiene and economy in using toothpaste in your bathroom. its design is very simple and its use is made very easy through convenient one-touch method.

Add style and class to your bathroom with this wall mounted toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser that can hold up to five brushes for your convenience and fancy environment.

No electricity or battery required.

Comes with a free toothbrush holder which can hold up to 5 brushes.




1.It prevents wastage of toothpaste by kids

2.It is ideal for elderly people

3.It keeps your bathroom clean and tidy

4.It is hygienic

5.It is compatible with any type of toothpaste

6.It doesnt require battery or electricity…just a convenient one-touch operation do not need screw to install it.


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